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Client-specific specialized services



We design and supply all types of rotating drives, associated electrical supplies, plus control and mechanical connections for your specific operations. For example, power stations, testing labs, test rigs and rolling mills.




We provide complete estimates for motors, gears, couplings, belt or chain drives, bearings, stands, mounts and more.



Service and Maintenance

Overhaul and refurbishment of all types of rotating drives, associated electrical supplies plus control and mechanical couplings – in our workshop or on site at your location.



Vibration measurement, laser alignment and balancing

Vibration measurements, analysis and alignment of your equipment. On the spot, mobile balancing of rotating parts or balancing in our machine shop (up to 6 tons).



Road Test

In our state-of-the-art testing facility, we can test all kinds of motors at full voltage – with a load up to 200 kW.



Technical support, Drive equipment status control

In addition to our skilled and experienced staff, we have access to specialists at our suppliers. That means the best possible support for you. We examine your equipment in place and propose a solution that you find satisfactory. If you like, we can also be your long-term service partner for more efficient, economical and safer operation, for many years to come.

EDT gives you an efficient and economical solution.

Delivered, installed
and fully operational
with a single contact!