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We produce different types of testing room equipment for motors and transformers


Illustrated is a motor test bench with the possibility of loading the test object and at the same time measuring the electrical power input, torque, motor speed and temperature. For motor sizes ranging from 0.37 to 375 kW we have a standard solution and for larger sizes, solutions are available on request. We have produced idle mode test benches up to 20 MW.

Transformer testing is divided into two main categories: Distribution transformers and Power transformers.

Distribution transformers

The distribution transformers produced are mostly 25-3150 kVA and test sites are generally in three sizes. The normal ranges are 25-315 kVA, 100-1600 kVA and 250-3150 kVA although this is governed by the requirements of the customer. Generally, these facilities have a high degree of automation and a short throughput time.

Power transformers

The test site for a power transformer is characterised by relatively high currents and voltages and the facility design is determined largely by the available site. The degree of automation of coupling in the feed equipment is high, as are safety features to protect staff. Measurement of different electrical parameters takes place using special measuring instruments and normally these are only linked to the safety system as the most common instrument suppliers have their own computers for collecting readings.